Steve Westerfield, Bankruptcy Attorney - Hot Springs, AR

Steve Westerfield, Attorney at Law in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a Bankruptcy Attorney who has been providing high quality representation since 1978. Bad things can happen to good people, but the law allows practical solutions to most financial problems. It is the job of Steve Westerfield as an experienced Attorney to identify the problems of each client and to recognize and apply the most effective and reasonable solutions to each situation. In most cases, the law office of Steve Westerfield can quickly and effectively act to stop harassment and protect possessions (real and personal) and earnings.

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Mission Statement

The goal of Steve Westerfield as a Bankruptcy Attorney is to help each Client understand their rights and options when faced with troubling debt problems and to use his more than 35 years of legal experience to benefit each client.

The law firm of Steve Westerfield places an emphasis on the effective use of Bankruptcy Law in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases and upon the need to protect each client from creditor harassment, repossessions, foreclosures, garnishments, and tax levies.

The rates charged for legal services are affordable and reasonable and free initial consultations are gladly provided.